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Who will win the Russian Presidential Election, 2018?

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Russia's election officials have received a record 64 applications from potential candidates for the March 18 presidential race, the Central Election Commission announced on 2 January, 2018.Who do you think will win this race? Rank and share your ranking before 17 March, 2018!

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  • kalusayakkarage
    Posted 1 month ago
    comment profile image comment pointer Vladimir Putin – President, RUSSIA Date of Birth :- 07th October , 1952 Time of Birth :- 09.30 Hrs Place of Birth :- St. Petesburg, Russia Vladimir Putin is born with Swagruhi Venus in Libra Ascendant. The placement of such a strong Venus, that too in the Ascendant itself, creates a powerful Rajayoga, which happens to be one amongst the Panch-Mahapurusha Yogas and it is the Malavya Yoga! Exalted Mercury, the Lord of the 9th House of fortune, vision, values and philosophy is posited with the Sun (the Lord of the 11th House of gains) and Saturn (the Lord of the 4th House and 5th House – Yogakaraka) in the 12th House in his Natal Chart. The union of the Lords%2
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