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Rank the top CSGO Players of 2017

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With the end of another year of the Counter-Strike Global Offensive competitive scene, we can now look back at the majors, tournaments and leagues that took place in 2017 to decide who the current top ranked players of CS GO are. Here is a list of the top players of this year along with videos of some of their best performances. Some are on the list by virtue of their great in-game leadership, some have put up impeccable fragshows with the rifle or the AWP while others have shown their incredible dedication to consistency and reliability. All of these qualities, whether it be individual, teamwork or support, are important factors to consider when deciding which players deserve the coveted top spots. Now is your chance to help decide who the top players actually are. Rank these players in the order that you think they ought to be and contribute to the average ranking! (If you feel I have missed anyone, write it down as a suggestion or give your reasons in the comments - I will make the changes necessary). Source(s): Wikipedia, Liquipedia, HLTV

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