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Best Episode of HBO's Chernobyl

24th Jul 2019
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Best Episode of HBO's Chernobyl

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Right on the heels of Game of Thrones finale, HBO, in collaboration with SKY, came out with a gem of a miniseries - Chernobyl. Within weeks after release, the show shot up to the top of IMDB's best TV shows list beating out the likes of Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones and Band of Brothers. It is hard to think of a show that is as stunning on a technical level and in terms of writing. Its portrayal of radiation as an invisible "monster" that can only be detected with dosimeters easily makes it one of the scariest shows ever to grace TV. It expertly blends horror movie elements without ever falling into the canned tropes of the genre. On the contrary, it is very respectful to the real events of the actual disaster in 1986 and is always mindful of the fact that this is a real place with real people that were, and still are, affected by the tragedy. What immediately stands out to viewers of the series is how real it seems, so much so that it could very well have been a documentary. Despite the heaviness and immense scale of the event, the show does an incredible job of focusing on the personal horrors and agonies faced by people introduced in the show - which makes it immediately more relatable. Even famous individuals, whether they be scientists or politicians, are depicted with all their foibles, concerns and worries in a viscerally real way. Arguably, the biggest success of the show is that it allowed people around the world for the first time to learn about the incredible heroism and sacrifice of the Soviet people in trying to save a continent - facts that were hidden from the public for more than 30 years.

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